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A not-for-profit foundation that operates in the public interest to encourage a prosperous, sustainable future through education and experience in engineering, science, technology and innovation.

The foundation believes that technological advances should be driven by the needs of humanity and that an inspired knowledge of science, engineering and technology can positively influence quality of life, career options for young people, and the prospects of future generations.

Because life’s inspirations begin in childhood, the foundation will support children in their discovery, appreciation and enjoyment of science and technology by providing resources, experiences and learning opportunities.

Monday, May 26, 2014

GRLIC to Honor Local Teachers!

 This Event has been postponed and a new date and time will be announced tomorrow! Stay tuned.

 The Numann Technology Center will honor local teachers for the dedication to STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Come join us for a wonderful night of honoring the people who dedicated their lives to advancing this curriculum with our students ad prepare them for the future!

Dinner is $40. Contact us at grlic100@gmail.com. or 607-326-4754 to make your reservations.
5:30 Cocktails, Dinner and award ceremony.