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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Excel for Beginners classes announced in Roxbury, Margaretville and Delhi

Basic Spreadsheets for Beginners-

Dates & Times-
February 5th 6:30 Roxbury
February 26th 6:30 Roxbury
March 14th 10 or 6:30- Margaretville
March 21st at 6:30 Delhi
March 28th 10 or 6:30- Margaretville

Space is limited 15 people max.  Cost $25
Need four students to hold class(except in Roxbury). 
Must sign up in advance.
Cash, local check and credit cards accepted.

Class Description:
This class will provide an introduction to the spreadsheets program, Microsoft Excel. This course introduces basic spread sheet design and development. Topics include writing basic formulas, using functions, enhancing spread sheets, and printing. Upon completion, students should be able to design and print basic spread sheets. Class will also cover how to save, print, and open files.

Class Length: 1 1/2hours with extra time as needed.

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
a. Enter, edit, and format data in a spreadsheet.
b. Create expressions to calculate mathematical values.
c. Use built-in functions to manipulate data.
d. Create customized printouts.
e. Manipulate data using spreadsheet database features.
f. Consolidate data from multiple worksheets and workbooks into a single worksheet.

Register by calling GRLIC at 607-326-4754 or email us at GRLIC100@gmail.com

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