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Thursday, July 14, 2011

GRLIC teams up with Andes Sprouts Society for Stop Motion Amination Workshop

GRLIC and the Andes Sprouts Society Teamed up this last Wednesday for the first in a series of workshops for kids of all ages.  On Wednesday, July 13, The GRLIC Radio Club Program was treated to a workshop on stop motion animation. Zohar Kfir presented the workshop and kids created a short stop motion animation by the end of the workshop. Kids learned about how mini movements make up stop motion animation. Also that it take 12 frames per second to make a stop motion animation. Each kid used a computer, software and a webcam to take the pictures of small plastic farm animals to create their final movie. GRLIC would like to thank Roxbury Central School for use of their computer lab for this workshop.

On Wednesday, July 20, Kids 10 and up are invited to a Blog workshop with Jennifer Kabat local blogger and writer. If you are interested in this or other workshops, please register by calling 607-326-4754 for reservations. This workshop is free! but space is limited.

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  1. The software and program were great! So good in fact RCS purchased the software Frames4 for the computer lab. Contact RCS or GRLIC if you want to give it a try.