Mission Statement

A not-for-profit foundation that operates in the public interest to encourage a prosperous, sustainable future through education and experience in engineering, science, technology and innovation.

The foundation believes that technological advances should be driven by the needs of humanity and that an inspired knowledge of science, engineering and technology can positively influence quality of life, career options for young people, and the prospects of future generations.

Because life’s inspirations begin in childhood, the foundation will support children in their discovery, appreciation and enjoyment of science and technology by providing resources, experiences and learning opportunities.

Monday, November 7, 2011

RCS Career Day a big success!

Roxbury, NY- RCS Career and College Fair was held on Wednesday, November 2 from 6-8
pm. Over 75 students, teachers and parents came to RCS to listen to more than 15 professional
presentations in variety career fields. Students watched 20 minute presentations and had a Q and A
period after each presentation. The event sponsored by The Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative
Corporation, Upstate Medical University and Roxbury Central School was a first time event.

Students received a backpack for just attending the event and were entered into a raffle for additional
prizes provided by GRLIC. Many students came to see a specific career field while others came
to explore the different options. Presenters from career fields including publishing, engineering,
healthcare, mental healthcare, conservation and chemistry were on hand.

Donna Vavones from Upstate Medical University said, “The Career Fair offers an excellent
opportunity for students to learn about and explore a variety of career options. It is an opportunity
to not only learn from professionals in the field but a time to ask questions and learn how best to
prepare for the various professions while in high school.
All high school students and their parents were encouraged to attend. It is never too early to start
preparing for the next step-college, a career and the rest of your life.”

“As an educational organization, GRLIC strives to present students in the great Roxbury area with
opportunities of exploration. GRLIC sees these type of activities as a way to support the teachers
and students of Roxbury Central School by providing them with alternatives to the everyday,” Jenn
Schuman said.

“This is the first year for this event and we had a great turn out,” Jenn Schuman said.

Below is a list of presenters-

Jessica Wallace- Pathologist Assistant, Basset Healthcare
Ann Epner- non profits- Pine Hill Community Center
Mike Teitelbaum- author/publishing
Tito Endaya- O'Connor Lab MedTech
Katrina Caring- Radiology Tech, Basset Healthcare
Joe Sorbello- Chair of Respitorary Care/Associate Professor, Upstate Medical University
Jine Defresne- Radiation Therapy, Basset Healthcare
James Warren- Electrical Engineer,- CEO, EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc.-a Company of HP –
Lazslo Vatjay- Recreation (Ski Industry/Mountain Bike Industry) Owner Plattekill Mtn.
Ellen Stewart- Mental Health Care
Meredith Taylor- Conservation- invasive species, The Catskill Center
Donna Vavonese- General Health Care –Upstate Medical University
Sharon Reich- Cosmetic Chemist
James Waters- Catskill Forest Association

Mr. Eric Windover, Principal at Roxbury Central School opened the event and was hosted to the
presenters. Mr. Windover spoke about his career path saying “I set goals for myself and set out to
achieve them."

For information about this and other events presented by the GRLIC, please contact Jenn Schuman
at 607-326-4754 or jennschuman@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Career Day Tonight!

The Roxbury Central School. Upstate Medical University and GRLIC will be hosting a Career and College Conference tonight beginning at 6 pm. 15 presenters from all walks of life will be giving short presentations with a Q & A period for students, teachers and parents to find out more about  career and education paths. A Key note speaker, Eric Windover will open the evening with his experience as a young school principal. Professionals from non-profit, electrical engineering, healthcare, mental health, and much more will be stopping by to share their experiences. Don't miss this must attend event if you have any questions about where your career path might go. Bring a young person and share this event. Be mentor!

Refreshments served by RCS PTSA

Monday, October 17, 2011

Career Day and Mentoring

The GRLIC would like to announce the join effort to bring Mentoring to students at RCS. GRLIC, RCS and Upstate Medical University will be hosting an evening of career discussion on November 2, 2011 from 5:30 to 8:30. Speakers from many different occupation will be giving short presentations and then hosting a question and answer discussion. This evening is open to parents, teachers, and students. There will also be information on Financial aid for college and some colleges representatives. If you would like more information please contact Jenn Schuman at 607-326-4754 or RCS at 607-326-4151.

Friday, October 7, 2011

GEO Fun ll, This weekend at Plattepalooza!

http://www.plattekill.com/summer/images/plattepalooza%20new%20flyer.jpg GRLIC will be at Plattepalooza with Popcorn and t-shirt sales! Join us for some GEOFUN and win prizes from Tubing tickets to t-shirts to bubble guns! Fun for the whole family and lots of great food too!

Madalyn & Students from RCS take Garden on the Road for Health

Madalyn Warren, Garden Director at RCS, took the garden on the road for health this week. Madalyn and students from RCS spent time on Thursday, October 6 at the Margaretville Health Fair. Students made posters and arranged a table. Students shared their experiences in the garden. Students also shared their knowledge of healthy eating from the garden.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come meet GRLIC at RCS Open House!

GRLIC will be joining RCS at their annual Open House Night on September 29, 2011 beginning at 6 pm.
Stop by our table and learn more about what GRLIC is doing for the community and for students in the Greater Roxbury Area. Our new offices will be opening in just a  few weeks. The painting is done; the floor is in; the cable has been installed and the phone can start ringing. It is all happening so fast, and now you can find out what else will be happening at GRLIC.

Wii game programming classes
Basic Microsoft Office Classes
Technology Club at RCS
Stop Motion Animation Class
Geo Cacheing
Organic Gardening
and so much more!

Monday, September 19, 2011

What people are saying about GRLIC! Thank you so much for your support.

GRLIC integrates community, kids, learning and fun. In rural NY, we need organizations like GRLIC to bring us together!
tarajohn119 (09.18.11) 
Ade (09.05.11)Roxbury and the surrounding communities have benefitted from this program. Just read their mission statement, it how we all should embrace our youth!
deborah dimm (08.29.11) Hope GRLIC wins
no1jgfan (08.29.11) Good Luck...Friends think this is Greart and I trust their judgement so you must be awesome...Great initiative for our youth
sef (08.28.11)We love GRLIC It is an swesome company Really cares about kids & community
kellie (08.24.11) good luck
brenda3333333 (08.23.11) This is a very good business that supports young childrens education and learning.
greg (08.22.11) \GRLIC has been such great asset to Roxbury. Thank You for everything,
rmattice (08.22.11) Doing great work.
clydebest (08.19.11) A great organization helping the Roxbury community!
cdykstra (08.16.11) GRLIC is what my friends are voting for :)
JadeM123213 (08.16.11) This would be an awesome investment for our future...a gift that will keep on giving!
Brenda C. (08.16.11) You rock GRLIC!
NEVADALOVESHERMOM (08.15.11) They serve the community for a good cause
iwonder12474 (08.15.11) Report AbuseGRLIC!
zach.b (08.15.11)GRLIC is definitley the best.
amieoreo (08.15.11) go GRLIC!
amelia.marie.schuman (08.15.11) Report Abuseyeahhh, GRLIC!
amie-la (08.15.11) What a wonderful opportunity this would be to help teach area children. Science and technology will only become more important in future years and we need to help them succeed.
Sherry William Finch (08.14.11) GRLIC is a wonderful addition to our town! It has widen the world for everyone whois involved. We need to expand it so it will touch as many as possible. GRLIC is truly great!
cgsgos (08.14.11)rural america needs visionary organizations like GRLIC to support science and technology learning initiatives for the next generation and we are very fortunate to have one in Roxbury.
madalyn (08.14.11) What a great opportunity for our kids to learn about science and technology, while learning to cooperate and contribute to community at the same time.
cmcafee (08.14.11) Hope you win!!!!
2307chef (08.13.11) Great for the kids of Roxbury!
tonya lib (08.13.11) We love what they are doing in our communities.
rpucci (08.13.11) A worthy cause!
ktowns13 (08.13.11) GRLIC is a great organization.
burrhubbell (08.13.11) Kids need the money go go go!
may (08.13.11) GRLIC go to #1
jmw (08.13.11) My kids love this organization. Thanks GRLIC. GO Jenn!
Dave S (08.13.11) GO GARLIC! WOOTWOOT!
sarahjanee (08.13.11) go GARLIC!
sjschu (08.13.11) Lets help GRLIC Grow!
Leigh S (08.13.11) GOOOOO!GRLIC
JANE S (08.13.11) Way to go GRLIC!
SJ (08.13.11) I love GRLIC. Thanks for all the opportunities!
jlsch12 (08.13.11) GRLIC provides educational experiences for kids in Science, technology and engineering! Vote for GRLIC
Dizzyjoe (08.13.11) Lovely and amazing! its helpful to our community. I love technology, Thanks GRLIC
SarahJane (08.13.11) everyone should definitely vote for grlic! :]
amieinthemorning (08.12.11) GRLIC is dedicated to inspiring & educating kids in technology including training kids on radio technology & hosting radio shows & originating & recording PSA'S.
Glen (08.11.11) Good Luck with this !
Mr. John Candelaria (08.11.11) Excellent events and community involvement!
mw (08.11.11) Report AbuseA brighter future for the kids of Roxbury! I'm for that.
Patty Tiggins (08.10.11) GRLIC is the best! Better futures for the youth of Roxbury.
Penny Lane (08.10.11) Go GRLIC!!!
Denis McLane (08.10.11) GRLIC is the future of Roxbury, New York. Keep em running strong!
Phyllis Horowitz (08.10.11) GRLIC is the best1
martello (08.10.11) GRLIC is great!
openmike (08.10.11) Jen is involved.
lilfish (08.10.11) GRLIC provides many opportunities for kids in our small rural area that they would otherwise not have access to. A radio station, gardens, computers, science & technology training (& more!) are now available to our youth thanks to GRLIC!
aschae (08.10.11)- WIOX has changed the face of Roxbury, it has exposed the world to our community via the exposure of the station worldwide on the Internet.
bob (08.10.11) Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative Corporation gives to the community. The have initiatives that have helped the start up of a local radio station, garden, computer classes for young and old. They gave my program money to teach GPS/Geocaching.
ware2 (08.10.11) Small towns, big hearts and even bigger goals -- one kid at a time they are improving the local community. Lovely folks and well worth the vote behind everything from local radio and community gardens!
jennifer kabat (08.09.11) GRLIC provides opportunities to students and adults alike in a rural area where opportunities do not easily present themselves. Introducing, enhancing, and supporting science, technology, engineering, & math is highly needed in this community.
jhinkley (08.09.11) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Educational Corporation
Jennschuman (08.09.11)

Mentoring and Career Day at Roxbury Central School

On November 2, 2011, Roxbury Central School will host a Career and Mentoring Evening from 6-8 pm. The Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative Corp. is looking for professionals in their field to speak to students about their experiences and the educational career path. If you would like to participate in this wonderful event, contact jennschuman@gmail.com. Speakers would give a 10-20 minute presentation and then have a short Q & A period. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our rural high school students to meet and speak with professionals to see what careers are out there. Share your knowledge and you experience with the next generation. contact GRLIC today for more information. grlic100@gmail.com

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vote for us! We could win....

Take a few seconds to vote for GRLIC in the intuit online contest. Just click the link on the right with the hearts and then fill in your email and name. We could use the votes. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WIOX 1st Year Annisersary

The WIOX first year anniversary is finally here. Check out the attached schedule of events!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogging in the Garden with Jennifer Kabat

The GRLIC garden initiative brought in a special guest this week to work with students working in the garden at RCS this summer. Jennifer Kabat,  a well known blogger and local resident, came by for some blogging fun. Jennifer spent a couple hours with student gardeners in the garden and on the computer. Students were encouraged to write about things that they had done in the garden so far this summer. Read more about what the students are doing in the RCS garden check out this blog!
See what the kids are doing!

Look for more blogs to come.

Check out GEOFun! another great adventure for Kids from GRLIC!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

GRLIC teams up with Andes Sprouts Society for Stop Motion Amination Workshop

GRLIC and the Andes Sprouts Society Teamed up this last Wednesday for the first in a series of workshops for kids of all ages.  On Wednesday, July 13, The GRLIC Radio Club Program was treated to a workshop on stop motion animation. Zohar Kfir presented the workshop and kids created a short stop motion animation by the end of the workshop. Kids learned about how mini movements make up stop motion animation. Also that it take 12 frames per second to make a stop motion animation. Each kid used a computer, software and a webcam to take the pictures of small plastic farm animals to create their final movie. GRLIC would like to thank Roxbury Central School for use of their computer lab for this workshop.

On Wednesday, July 20, Kids 10 and up are invited to a Blog workshop with Jennifer Kabat local blogger and writer. If you are interested in this or other workshops, please register by calling 607-326-4754 for reservations. This workshop is free! but space is limited.

Roxbury Sidewalk Festival a big success!

This year's sidewalk festival was a big success! With over 50 vendors this year, many people spent the day walking around the tree lined Main St. Many people could be found eating summer fare such as the RFD's hamburgers and hot dogs or the Rotary's ice cream cones. While others sat in the shade and listened the other sound of Polish Moses and Horseshoe Lounge Playboys.  Children spent time making crafts with artists from the Roxbury Arts Group and tasting treats from the Organic garden at Roxbury Central School. All in all it was a beautiful on lovely Main St. Roxbury.

This year's GRLIC Technology Award Winner is ....

Kaitlin Brew, graduating Roxbury Central School Senior. Kaitlin received a Dell Inspiron Duo with Microsoft Office software/. The award was given out at the RoxburyCentral School Graduation Ceremoney on June 25th. Jennifer Schuman, GRLIC Presiden gave out the award.  Kaitlin plans on attending TC3 for college. Pictures to follow.

GRLIC also gave out awards to WIOX morning program hosts- Steven Futterman, Christian Schor and Michael McAfee for their dedicated service to WIOX and for continbuting more then 600 hours of volunteer time since August 2010. Each recipient of this award receive a frame certificate from WIOX and GRLIC. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GRLIC Technology Award will be given out this year at Roxbury Central School Graduation

GRLIC's dedication to providing technology to students continues in the third awarding of the GRLIC Technology Award. With Guy Numann's continued support, GRLIC is able to provide this award each year.  This year GRLIC will be giving a Dell Inspiron Duo. This mini laptop computer has a flip screen and can be used as a tablet.

The Technology Award is presented to a graduating senior at Roxbury Central School who is recommended by the faculty. To find out who this year's winner is, come to the Roxbury Central School graduation ceremony on June 25 at 11 am. The award will be presented by Jennifer Schuman, President, Board of Directors at GRLIC.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roxbury Sidewalk Festival

Spring is just around the corner and the Roxbury Sidewalk Committee is working hard putting together this year’s Famous Roxbury Sidewalk Festival ’11.  The festival will be held on Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 and promises to be bigger and better then ever.  We will continue to have an assortment of children’s activities, live music, crafters, artisans and summer fare.  Our festival will begin at 10:00 am and run until 4pm.  In addition this year, we will continue the festivities with a Down-home Fourth July Parade, Live Music in the Park for picnicking, and Children’s Activities on the Roxbury Central School lawn.  As last year’s attendance is evidence, as our Sidewalk Festival draws a wide and diverse crowd.

We have also added several improvements such as port-o-johns, parking and additional food vendors.  Each year the Roxbury Sidewalk Festival depends on its talented artists, artisans, crafters and vendors to make this event a success. We appreciate your continued support of our event and hope to see you’re again this year.

The Vendor space is as follows: 

10X10 Space     $25.00 before Feb. 28th, 2011
                              $40.00 after Feb. 28th 2011

10X20 Space     $50.00 before Feb. 28th 2011
                              $65.00 after Feb. 28th 2011

Must be postmarked prior to Feb. 28th to receive discounted early bird special.

Your participation is extremely important to us, and greatly appreciated.  So please, fill out the enclosed forms, and return them to us as soon as possible.  We encourage you to participate in this year’s festivities.  This event has been a tradition in Roxbury for more than 30 years.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  You may reach us at 607-326-4754, or by email at grlic@catskill.net. Thank you for helping to make the Famous Roxbury Sidewalk Festival such a wonderful event, year after year.