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The foundation believes that technological advances should be driven by the needs of humanity and that an inspired knowledge of science, engineering and technology can positively influence quality of life, career options for young people, and the prospects of future generations.

Because life’s inspirations begin in childhood, the foundation will support children in their discovery, appreciation and enjoyment of science and technology by providing resources, experiences and learning opportunities.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is coming up at GRLIC?

Radio station is moving ahead and things are getting exciting. Check out the wroxradio.blogspot.com.

The Roxbury Sidewalk Festival plans are moving forward. Again this year, Roxbury will host a parade on Main Street as well as over 60 vendors. Children's activities will be happening in the children's tent and music will flow from the music tent located near the Gould Stone Church. The committee is looking for sponsors to help us with music and entertainment.

GRLIC garden committee is looking for members to assist in helping establish a social networking page, webcam  and weather station in the garden so students can watch the garden grow and learn at the same time.
In order to make this happen, we are looking for opportunities to fund raise or collect donations to help us reach our goals. This summer work will be going on at the school in order to repair the roof, this will limit the access to the garden for students. It is the goal of this committee to have the technology in place when the garden reopens to students next spring. some thoughts about fund raising maybe a flower sale, brick sale, or vegetable sale. If you are interested in helping out with this initiative please contact Jenn Schuman at jennschuman@gmail.com.

Another initiative of GRLIC is scholarship technology award. This award is given to a high school senior from Roxbury Central School. This year we are working to providing another exciting surprise award. Keep checking in to see who the award goes to this year and what they will receive. We are accepting donations to help to support this initiative.

Have you ever gone Geo cache hiking? GRLIC is putting together a club so not only will we be getting outside and exercise but also learning about technology of GPS and treasure hunting! Fun for all ages.

Check back with this blog to see what is happening at GRLIC and what new initiatives we are working on.

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